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Insulated Metal Hvac Ducts Protects Homeowners From Financial Loss

As a homeowner, the loss of energy through thin, sheet metal ductwork is one of the biggest concerns due to the depth of financial loss over time. One way to mitigate heating and cooling loss is to seek the services of professionals skilled in insulated metal HVAC ductwork, a process where the thin ducts are shielding using a reflective wrap or a specialized foil. This not only traps the air but reduces the likelihood of allergens like mold building up inside the residence.

When a home furnace kicks into gear, heat is then sent throughout the ductwork and into each room. The problem is that this heat is generally lost because the sheet metal expands and allows the air to leave when the duct isn’t protected or surrounded by some kind of material meant to keep the air in place. Some savvy homeowners may even discover that there isn’t much room between the ductwork and the inner wall spaces of the home.

Fiberglass, which is a common solution, maybe too thick to fit in between the ducts and the walls. Due to this, a skilled technician may recommend the use of aluminum bubble wrapping which is great for climate control and thermal distribution. Instead of the heat disappearing into the exterior walls, the energy will be focused internally.

When used in conjunction with fiberglass or some other appropriate solution, the homeowner will realize savings instead of being bled dry. Foam board can also be used to complete the insulated metal HVAC ductwork process.