Top Best Tropical Flowers In Maui You Will Fall in Love With May25


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Top Best Tropical Flowers In Maui You Will Fall in Love With

Maui is one of the greatest islands in Hawaii. It’s a destination of some of the best-renowned tropical flowers on the planet. When you visit Maui, you will be amazed by the vibrant and irresistible fragrance the tropical flowers have. With each flower having a unique smell, there are some iconic flowers you can’t stop thinking of. Here is a list of them:


Plumeria is found in every corner of Maui. Their soft, beautiful and velvety flower produces the best fragrance that is only unique to the place. The flower was first introduced to the island by a German explorer in 1860. Ever since it grew to becomes one of the most iconic flowers.

Hawaiian Hibiscus

The Hawaiian hibiscus is another great tropical flower in Maui. Its yellow flowers are so beautiful and pleasing. In fact, it’s used as the official state flower in the greater Hawaii state. In as much as it’s a native species, it’s currently listed as endangered species.

Ohia Lehua

This hardy tropical flower has grown in Maui for decades, if not centuries. It’s popular for its sweet scent and bright red colors. The flower is deeply rooted among the local residents. It is said that if you pluck the lehua flower from the tree, the chances of it raining are very high.

Bird of paradise

You can’t talk of tropical flowers in Maui without mentioning birds of paradise flower. The petals of this flower bloom like a tropical bird taking flight. It is not only popular but also loved by many.

Tropical flowers are not only attractive but also irresistible with their smell. The above-mentioned are some of the most iconic tropical flowers in Maui.