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Discussing Asset Protection Strategies

Anyone living in the Greenville, SC, area needs to consider ways to protect their assets over time. Some people call this process estate planning, retirement planning, or investment planning, but it centers around protecting your current and future assets and reducing any costs of holding those assets.

Specialized financial consultants like Matt Dixon offer customized approaches to asset protection. When combined with a solid retirement strategy and reduction in taxes, the result is an effective way to maximize your financial potential while reducing risks.

Choosing the Right Retirement Plan

One area of focus for Matt Dixon when working with clients in Greenville, SC, is setting up retirement plans that focus on protecting invested assets. This includes employer retirement plans that are protected from bankruptcy claims as well as other types of actions.

Many people assume that IRAs and many types of pensions are protected from these types of issues. However, there is no specific protection under federal laws, although state laws may provide some level of asset protection. This is another area where Matt Dixon can provide valuable insight and recommendations.

Trusts and Annuities

Irrevocable trusts are considered the best option for the protection of assets in the case of estate tax or creditors. Annuities may also be protected by the state, as are the cash value amounts of life insurance policies. Again, this is determined on a state level, and understanding the potential risks or benefits of these types of investments is important when developing a financial plan.