Tips for Using a Stain Pad Applicator During Your Next Woodworking Project Apr30


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Tips for Using a Stain Pad Applicator During Your Next Woodworking Project

With any task, it’s important to use the best tools for the job. The right device will help you get the best results in the most convenient amount of time. This is especially helpful when you need to stain your latest woodworking project. Whether you are repairing a deck or building a bookshelf you will need a stain to preserve your wood and give it a more appealing color.

By using a stain pad, you will have a better alternative to other staining tools. It is much more durable than a foam brush and you will get more control than what you can muster with a rag or towel. Here are tips for using a stain pad on your next project.

Have Patience

Throughout every step of the staining process, you will need to show patience and take your time. Read the directions on your stain so you know how many coats to apply, how much time is needed between coats. Take care not to puddle or oversaturate the wood while using your stain pad applicator.

Use Quality Products

When gathering your materials, price should not be your first consideration. If you want to see high-quality results, you need premium products. That means staying away from cheap items and getting wood stain and a stain pad applicator that will last. This may seem a bit inconvenient in the beginning, but you will be happier about your choices later when you see the great results.