3 Benefits of a Hospital Bed Rental During Recovery Apr28


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3 Benefits of a Hospital Bed Rental During Recovery

After surgical procedures, injuries, accidents, strokes, or other types of health issues, recovery can be a long process. Staying at home during this recovery period has its advantages, including being in a familiar place surrounded by loved ones.

The Mobility and Comfort Issue

However, most homes in Dallas are not designed to accommodate individuals with mobility issues. Bedrooms may be located on a second floor, hallways may be difficult to navigate with a wheelchair, and even moving with walkers or crutches can be a challenge on carpeted flooring.

Furniture may also be problematic. Traditional mattresses and beds that are flat create challenges for those with mobility issues or in recovery. Getting in and out of bed can be an issue altogether, while finding a way to be comfortable if bed rest is required is yet another issue on a traditional mattress and bed.

A Simple Solution

To eliminate many of these issues, a hospital bed rental provides the ideal solution. The bed can be placed on the ground floor in the home, eliminating the need to climb stairs. By positioning the bed strategically in the home, the individual can have easy access to the kitchen and the bathroom.

Three additional benefits to a hospital bed rental include:

  • Easy positioning – full electrical beds allow the individual to position the head and leg sections of the bed for maximum comfort for reading, watching TV, or for sleeping and eating.
  • Raising and lowering the bed – to assist with ease of getting in and out of bed, the entire frame can be raised and lowered. This is not available on all models but makes transfers much easier.
  • Side rails – side rails prevent an individual from rolling or sliding off the bed, adding to both security and safety.

In Dallas, a hospital bed rental is possible for both short-term and long-term requirements. Talk to medical equipment rental companies about their rental costs and terms before making a final decision.