What Homeowners Need to Know about Floor Sander Rental in Newnan, GA Apr27


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What Homeowners Need to Know about Floor Sander Rental in Newnan, GA

Many homeowners have hardwood flooring in their homes that they want to restore and bring back to its former glory. To do this, most people turn to floor sander rental in Newnan GA. While a floor sander is relatively easy to operate, it’s important to understand the policies before renting sanding equipment.

Length of Rental

Renting a floor sander costs significantly less money than buying one, but sometimes homeowners find themselves spending more money on rental fees than they anticipated. The reason for this surprise bill is that they underestimate how long it will take them to do the job. Homeowners who’ve never sanded their floors before should do a little research to determine how long sanding typically takes and choose an appropriate rental period to avoid late fees.

Getting the Sander

Another factor to consider is how will one get the sander to their place. Some rental companies offer delivery and pick-up services, which is great but isn’t necessarily free. Homeowners who don’t have a large enough vehicle or the physical ability to pick up the sander enjoy the convenience that delivery and pick-up services offer.

Cleaning the Equipment

Equipment rental businesses clean their equipment when it’s returned. However, that doesn’t mean that renters are entirely off the hook. Avoid getting hit with rental cleaning fees by knowing what is expected before returning the used equipment. Most businesses will require their customers to surface clean sanders and empty filters.