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Offering Manufacturers an Effective Dealer Sales Enablement Platform

You want a few things for your business. You want to make sure there is interactive content that will help educate customers on sales, so they can make an informed buying decision. Pop Art, Inc gives your team an opportunity to get closer to the customer so this can be achieved. With the Ipad app sales enablement, sales are made easier and prove to the team to be an all-in-one tool for manufacturing marketing and sales enablement. This Software as a service business, or SAAS, they are experts in selling a dealer sales platform for primarily heavy-duty equipment and machinery manufacturers that sell through dealers and distributors.

So, what else can companies do for you besides helping you get your team closer to the customers? They help you simplify selling. By simplifying selling, they give your representatives a “sell-by-numbers” system which puts your entire product catalog right into your dealer’s pocket. It fits into your current workflow, so there is no IT required. It also accelerates all across your organization to improve sales, marketing, and sales enablement. This Ipad app sales enablement also speeds up communication to instantaneous. With customizable news updates and the entire product catalog, marketing materials, and pricing sheets instantly updated, your team won’t be stuck with those outdated products or pricing information anymore.

This SAAS makes it easier for sales to demonstrate your products by giving your team the ability to give customers interactive demonstrations of your products, even remotely/ But that’s not all.