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PTSD Lawsuits on the Rise in St. Paul Minnesota and the Surrounding Areas

Minneapolis-St. Paul MN is seeing a rise of PTSD lawsuits. Why is that? Well, for one, the pandemic has had a major impact on the mental health of many people and professions who have worked tirelessly and often without any breaks treating the sick and dying. It is actually illegal to work people beyond two eight-hour back-to-back shifts, but many of these health professionals have been working multiple shifts in a row. On top of that, when they finally do collapse or have a breakdown, a PTSD workers compensation claim in St Paul MN hospitals should be taken seriously. If you are a medical professional who has all the classic signs of PTSD, and you filed a PTSD workers compensation claim in St Paul hospitals or clinics and been denied, here’s what you should do next.

Your Health Is Important- Step Back

No matter what your boss is telling you, you have to step back. PTSD is no laughing matter. Trying to take care of hundreds of very sick people when you can’t even think for a second puts them and the hospital or clinic at risk. Step back and hire a workers compensation lawyer to handle your case.

Take Care of Your Mental and Emotional Health While the Lawyer Processes Your Claim

No matter what the financial cost, you must prioritize your health now. While you take care of yourself, your workers compensation lawyer will be pushing your claim through the courts or through the insurance company.