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What Can a Franchise Lawyer do to Help You Protect Your Rights?

Before you invest your time and money into a franchise business, it’s important to consider how your future will be affected. Although there are certain legal restrictions that the parent company can hold against a franchisee, you can consult¬†franchising law firms¬†to help you deal with those situations. Here are a few ways attorneys can help.

Obtain a Right to Close
Typically, a company that offers franchise opportunities already has a successful business model. However, if your franchise isn’t doing as well as planned, you may see no other option other than to close the store. An attorney can help you secure the right to close in spite of the terms of your franchise agreement.

Negotiate For a Fairer Non-Compete Clause
In undertaking any franchise opportunity, you will be required to sign a non-compete agreement to proceed. Your lawyer can make sure the agreement isn’t too restrictive. A more flexible clause may allow you to operate a business within the same industry if you sell or relinquish your franchise store. You may even be able to launch your own brand in the same industry if your lawyer negotiates more favorable terms for you.

Increase Your Franchise Territory
While your agreement will outline the territory your specific franchise store covers, you may want to increase that geographical area. Covering a larger area means your store will be the only one under that brand to serve customers in that area. When you work with franchising law firms, you can get that coverage area expanded, and that will help you increase the favorable terms for your franchise