How Often Does The Exterior Of A Home Need Painting? Mar17


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How Often Does The Exterior Of A Home Need Painting?

Determining the frequency and the best time to paint the exterior of their house is something that is of concern to many people. In an ideal world the homeowner would schedule local painting services long before the existing paint begins to flake and peel. Regular painting of the exterior is the best way to maintain the appearance as well as protect the house from the elements. A fresh paint job does a great deal to increase the curb appeal of the property; it is well worth having this work done if you are planning on listing the house.

Deciding when the time is right to paint the exterior is not as straightforward as it might seem; the local climate conditions, the material the house is faced with, the quality of the paint that was last used, etc are factors that influence the length of time exterior paint should last. Local painting services in Peachtree City are ideally positioned to advise when it’s time to paint.

Considerations that influence the painting schedule:

The primary consideration is the weather. In the Peachtree City area, homes close to the lake will begin to fade, peel and weather faster than homes located in the city. The same is true with the sun; direct sun will shorten the effective lifespan of paint. Hot summers and cold winters also shorten the life expectancy of a paint job, no matter how well the job was done.

Although the weather has an impact on when a house should be painted, it is not the only issue; different paint types also impact the lifespan. As having your house painted is not an inexpensive project, it is a good idea to consult with local painting services and take their advice on what paint to use. Using the best paint for the job and professionals to apply it will pay dividends in the long run. If you are looking for local painting services look no further than Clark Painting & Powerwashing, Inc.