Explaining a Bump Stop to the Non-Mechanically Inclined Jeep Owner Mar15


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Explaining a Bump Stop to the Non-Mechanically Inclined Jeep Owner

Jeep JK bump stop extensions are kits you can buy to add to your Jeep. If you are not a mechanically inclined Jeep owner, you may be feeling a little lost and confused as to what a bump stop is. A lot of people who have never heard of a bump stop assume it’s an extension of either the front or rear bumpers that help stop a Jeep in the event that the bumper hits something. While that is definitely a good guess, it’s actually the wrong parts of the Jeep. The following will explain more about Jeep JK bump stop extensions, what they are, and why you may want to install them on your Jeep.

Bump Stop Extensions Are Added to Your Suspension Rods

There are kits to raise and lower the body of your Jeep. If you do either of these options to your Jeep, you’re also going to want to add bump stops. Bump stops are these small, rubber extensions and additions to the suspension rods on the underside of your Jeep. They help cushion the suspension system, and by extension your wheels, as you go over really rocky terrain.

Why You Want Bump Stops

Suspension systems help keep your Jeep level and prevent that constant jarring feeling you might have if your Jeep didn’t have good suspension. The bump stops slow down the wear and tear that suspension rods experience when you frequently take your Jeep off-roading. Additionally, if you lower your Jeep rather than raise it, the bump stops help prevent some of the major damage that can occur if your Jeep bottoms out.