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Signs That It’s Time to Consider Heating System Replacement in Denver CO

Homeowners know that a furnace doesn’t last forever. In Colorado, where winters are mild, furnaces last much longer than they do in colder parts of the country. The appliances may work quite well for upwards of 20 years. Nevertheless, Heating system replacement eventually becomes inevitable. The household residents will want to know the signs that it’s time to start thinking about this major project.

Frequent Repair Calls

If the need for repair service keeps becoming more frequent, this is generally a sign that the furnace will need to be replaced within the next two or three years. Furnaces shouldn’t be breaking down every year or more often. Annual maintenance can prevent some of the need for repair work on a cold January day, but these incidents will likely continue to occur sporadically.

Reduced Energy Efficiency

If the heat bills are steadily getting higher even when accounting for increases in price by the utility company, the furnace has lost some of its original efficiency. This happens as components experience wear and tear over time. In addition, having a new model installed will result in greater energy efficiency, thanks to advances in technology.

Uneven Heating

Heating system replacement in Denver CO may be necessary if the appliance is many years old and it no longer is adequately heating all parts of the home evenly. Rooms located furthest from the equipment may be a bit chilly because the system can no longer blow warm air that far effectively. Before scheduling replacement, technicians will evaluate the entire system to see if any repairs could solve this problem. Sometimes tightening the duct pipes is all it takes.

Considering Cost Effectiveness

There comes a time when continuing to have technicians from a company such as Gale Force Heating & A/C, Inc. do repair work is no longer cost effective. Frequent breakdowns and the need for emergency service add up. The furnace may eventually become a health and safety hazard if a crack forms in the air exchanger. That can leak carbon monoxide into the home. These technicians can remove the old unit and install a new one.