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How to Stay Safe While Waiting For an Accident Recovery Service in Canton

Experiencing car trouble on the highway is a frustrating experience, but it can also be hazardous if you break down on a busy section of road. When you know how to wait for help from an accident recovery service in Canton, you’ll be able to keep your passengers and yourself safe on the roadside. These tips will help you.

Pull Off the Road
The first thing you should do is pull over beyond the shoulder of the road. If a guardrail or other obstacle prevents you from pulling off the road, move over to the side as far as possible. Be sure to keep your hazard lights flashing until help arrives.

Use Road Flares
You should also set road flares around your vehicle. They will help notify other drivers that you’re pulled over so they will watch for you. Additionally, the flares will help the accident recovery service in Canton identify you as they approach.

Exit the Vehicle on the Passenger Side
While you can remain inside your vehicle while you wait for help, you may feel safer if you exit the vehicle. In that case, be sure to exit on the passenger side and move several feet away from the side of the road. You should stay on the side of your vehicle that’s furthest from the road until help arrives.

Travel With Supplies
While a cell phone can do almost anything, you shouldn’t rely on it in an emergency. You never know when you’ll lose the charge. As an alternative, you should keep a map, flashlight, first aid kit, and small tool set in your vehicle at all times. These supplies will help you stay safe until help arrives.