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Various Types of Roller Shades and Their Uses

Windows need to be sufficiently dressed that can keep the light and air blocked when desired. Windows can be dressed with varied fashions of valances, curtains and shades. Shades are needed to intercept the sunrays and protect the interior from direct sunlight and keep away from disturbance to the residents. A standard roller shade in Brighton MI answers for all the necessities in terms of windows shedding. These are simple and inexpensive as well as elegant. They are found to be very functional when the matter of minimizing the heat arises without blocking sun on the view.

Mainly roller shades can be classified in 6 categories of mesh or screen fabric that can be applied on roller shades. The various types of roller shade can be classified in the following ways.

o Insect Mesh
o Paper Screen
o Woven Wood
o Blackout Screens
o Privacy Screens
o Solar Screens

Solar Screen

These types of shades are the most energy efficient and long-lasting shades among all. These shades are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. It work most effectively in preventing the reflection of sunlight and is able to keep ultra violet rays and heat out even some degree of filtered light can enter. There are three main categories of solar screen that include Vinyl Coated Fiberglass, Vinyl Coated Polyester, Vinyl Coated Fiberglass or Polyester with aluminum backing.

Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens are usually made up of cottons, polyester, linens, fiberglass and etc. They can offer strong solar protection like solar screen but they are less durable for the absence of vinyl coating. But they look more soft and attractive than solar screen.

Blackout Screens

Most of the blackout screens are prepared with vinyl and offer almost cent percent blackout. These screens are very durable and can be cleaned easily. Many decorative blackout screens are available in the market that can be used to beautify the home.

Woven Wood

These are traditional and highly designed roller shades that are used as a privacy screen. But these shades are tough to maintain and it can be less strong than the other privacy screen.

Paper Screen

This is a type of privacy screen that are made up of thin screen material. This is a ready made paper like object that are easy to print on and can be torn easily.

Insect Mesh

Insect Mesh can are the type of shades that provide protection against harmful insects and offer minimal protection against light. Though it cannot effectively provide privacy but it can give high security against the insects.

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