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What To Look For In a Heating Contractor

If you live in North America, chances are you have had contact with a heating contractor. In Park Ridge, they are a means of ensuring specific forms of work are done correctly. While a heating technician handles the basics of heating and cooling systems, a heating contractor handles more advanced or complex work. While they are educated in and capable of performing the tasks of a heating technician, a heating contractor is more frequently employed in such things as:

  • Performing an energy audit
  • Installing and repairing various heating and cooling equipment such as furnaces HVAC, vents, ducts, thermostats
  • Remodeling and upgrading systems
  • Selling specific systems as a licensed dealer and installer

When you require one to perform any of the above tasks, you need to be sure you hire the right person for the job. It is important to “get it right.” Failure to do so can result in the work being carried out improperly. Finding one involves approaching it seriously and doing your research both on and off the internet. Make it a campaign not a half-hearted effort.

The approach should be simple and at least adopt some of the following:

  • Talk to neighbors to find out who they would recommend
  • Compile a list form them and from online sources
  • Include reviews from other than their home sites.
  • Contact anyone who has said they used the specific services of this heating contractor
  • Look at their history in your area e.g. Park Ridge
  • Consider such things as longevity in the business
  • Be sure to establish their credentials with recognized local, regional, state and national and/or international agencies e.g. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification
  • See what products, if any, the company promotes. Check to see what rating they receive for energy efficiency, durability, environmental responsibility, etc.

If you feel comfortable, invite the prospective candidates over to your home. Let them assess your current system. Let them talk about what they think is best to upgrade, change, improve, alter etc. your current or proposed system. During his or her walk-through, see how thorough they are. Notice how much of the system they actually request to see and examine. Do they look at ducts, vents and thermostats as well as the actual furnace, boiler or heat pump? Do they ask about the type of insulation in your home or measure the air flow and quality?

Once the heating contractor has gone through his or her paces, you need to talk money. You have to get a written estimate. This provides you with a degree of certainty re: costs. It also acts as a point of comparison. It will allow you to see what company offers in terms of services at what price.

Only after you have sat and compared these alternative offers should you make a decision. Only after you have the facts in hand, can you choose the right heating contractor in Park Ridge for you.

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