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What is a Headshot and Why Do You Need One?

A headshot is simply a photograph of a person’s head, neck, and shoulders. Headshots are used by all sorts of professionals ranging from actors to businessmen to musicians and more. It is a clear photo that can be given to any potential hiring agency or director so that they can glance at it to make a determination on who to hire. Headshot photography is the business of shooting photographs that are specifically meant for headshots.

Who Uses Headshots?

For the most part, a director or talent agency knows exactly what they are looking for in a headshot photograph. Their trained eyes can quickly glance at stacks of photos and quickly make a determination on who might fit their needs. Understanding what these directors or talent agencies are looking for can make a huge difference in getting discovered and hired.

For most potential jobs, a person needs to have three things in order to maximize their chances of getting hired. They should have a cover letter, resume, and a headshot photograph. The cover letter and resume will make a determination on whether or not a person is qualified for a particular job or not. The headshot helps a potential employer, director, or talent agency to remember the candidate by mentally attaching a photo to a name and resume.

Where to Get a Headshot

Now a good headshot photography studio is a good place to start when looking to get a headshot done. The photographers here understand exactly what these directors or talent agencies are looking for. They even understand the small differences in what is needed in looks for certain types of jobs or roles. That is why it is very important that a person hire a photographer that has plenty of experience in taking photographs of headshots for these specific situations.

Once a headshot photo session is complete, a person should then make sure that he or she has both printed copies and digital copies of their headshots. Getting the highest resolution photographs is critical for reprints, especially when printing larger photos of headshots. A person should take the time to find out the desired headshot photo sizes that a particular hiring company or agency is looking for. If they want larger photos, such as an 8×10 headshot photograph, then that is precisely what a person should send. Anything less may result in the person just skipping right over it and moving on to the next candidate.

Careful consideration should always be taken to the potential jobs that a person wants. They need to take the time to find out what it is exactly that the person or company wants and how to get that perfect look to match those needs. Doing so will only enhance a person’s chances of being hired.

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