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What Can Cause Boiler Failure?

A boiler is a device that turns water into steam; the steam is stored in the main chamber and is used for many purposes including power and heat. Although it is rare, boilers can burst, the primary reasons behind a boiler failure is a faulty pressure relief valve although poor maintenance of the pressure vessel can result in corrosion which weakens the main chamber walls. Those professionals who do boiler repair in Niles also point to low water levels as being responsible for failure, this happens if the water level drops below the level of the firebox, the boiler then overheats and it can burn through. Boiler failures of a catastrophic nature are usually traced back to poor operator training as well as improper maintenance and failure to follow maintenance schedules.

As steam builds up in the main chamber of a boiler it is under very high pressure, to avert an explosion the operating procedures must be followed exactly. If boiler repair in Niles is undertaken when necessary and the boiler is well maintained and used properly it should last for many years with little or no problem. Problems occur when operators do not follow established procedures and they take short cuts. Should a boiler explode it can be deadly to anyone who is near it at the time.

As the steam builds up in the boiler under extremely high pressure all boilers are fitted with a pressure relief valve, it is this valve that controls the internal pressure. A traditional pressure relief valve is a spring loaded device which is preset to release when the pressure reaches the design operating limit, the excess steam simply escapes into the surrounding environment. Those who do boiler repair in Niles pay particular attention to this important component because it can become corroded, preventing them from doing what they are designed to do. Checking the function of this valve is an integral part of the boiler maintenance schedule and should it be necessary, the valve is replaced to ensure safe operation.

Hot water can cause a buildup of scale and be the cause of corrosion in the main tank, this corrosion if left unattended can eventually lead to an explosion as the steel becomes so thin it cannot tolerate the pressure. Boiler repair in Niles includes cleaning the inside of the tank and periodic inspections using instruments that can determine the wall thickness.

Boiler failure can be catastrophic; steam takes 1600 times the volume of water so one can appreciate the explosive force when it escapes as it all tries to leave the space at the same time.Visit the site website domain for more information.