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The Possibilities are Wide Open for A Professional Court Reporter DC

Court reporting tends to be one of those things that you hear mentioned all the time, but which no one seems to have any idea what it is. It really is too bad because court reporting can be a very good career choice.

Most people assume that court reporters are journalist who covers court cases. This is not the situation at all. The court reporter is actually connected to the case. They are a completely impartial person who sits near the judge and records every single detail of the case. At the end of the case, the jury is able to take the court reporters notes and use them for review while trying to determine a verdict.

Although working in the court room is the main purpose of the court reporter, many also find that they also get lots of work done outside of the official court room. Whenever there is something that needs to be transcribed, such as important speeches, meetings, depositions, and legal statements, the services of a good court reporter DC are going to be required. Some court reporters are able to take their skills and use them to work for television studios and write the close captioning.

Although there have been some advances in the technology that is now available for court reporters to use, they continue to use a stenotype machine to take their notes. Not only does a court reporter DC have to be able to type very quickly, they also need to be able to type accurately, there isn’t going to be enough time to correct errors. The faster and more accurately you are able to use the stenotype machine, the more in demand you are going to be.

Although it is possible for a court house to hire a court reporter DC full time, very few due. In fact, many of the court houses that used to employ a court reporter DC full time have actually eliminated to position because budget cuts make it impossible for the court house to have another salaried position on staff. The average court reporter DC is an independent contractor and uses the internet to hunt for jobs. There are also court reporters who are hired full time by law firms to transcribe important meetings. Companies who offer courtroom assistance and advice will often have a team of highly skilled court reporters to handle any transcriptions that need to be taken during the course of a meeting.

Another who is interested in becoming a court reporter DC is going to have to make sure that they are capable of doing their job without taking sides. A court reporter is in company of controlling their emotions during a trial, is not who will have a job for very long. Court reporters also have to be very discreet.

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