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Financial Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Architects Austin Firm

When you are looking to redesign your commercial property and give it some flair, you might be tempted to simply contact a few landscapers to design and do the job. But that’s not always the best idea. In fact, hiring a landscape architects Austin firm to design the project can cost a few extra dollars, but it actually offers a number of financial benefits. Here are some ways a landscape architect can save you money.

Increasing Your Property Value
By hiring a landscape architect to create your design instead of a regular landscaper, you can actually increase the value of your property. In some cases, you can increase the value by more than 10 percent. The more beautiful the curb appeal of your property, the more likely it is to attract customers and also sell at a higher price.

Saving on Contractor Bids
When looking for landscapers, some companies will offer a free landscape plan if you choose them. The way they can make this happen is that they will keep the plans in their possession until you sign a contract with that company. As a result, you can’t shop around and compare prices among different landscapers because you don’t know if you are comparing the same products and services. When you hire a landscape architects Austin firm, though, you don’t have get several bids, thus allowing you to save time and hassle.

Save on Utilities
When a landscaper creates a design for your property, they aren’t likely thinking about efficient water usage. But when you hire a landscape architect, they are going to design a sustainable project with new technologies that use less water and reduce your overall expenses throughout the year. A qualified landscape architect places part of their focus on the impact to the eco-system. They will use technologies like drip irrigation and strategically located trees and shrubs for maximum efficiency.

Maximizing Your Budget
A landscape architect will maximize your budget when creating a design for your property. While landscapers typically try to pad their profit margin, landscape architects look for ways to help you save money on the project. In many cases, they can save up to 20 percent on a project while still offering a high quality and unique design that you and others will truly appreciate. Landscape architects also have more experience than most landscapers enabling them to look for potential problems before they arise; again saving you time and money.

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