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Quality Dewatering Containers for Liquid Waste in Van Vleck, Texas

Businesses and municipalities that have liquid waste to process will benefit from using a quality dewatering container. These containers are both efficient and cost effective. Instead of paying for the total weight of the waste, water weight can be removed and only the solids will need to be disposed of. In most cases the container can be delivered, liquid wasted processed and the task complete in as little as a few hours to a few days depending on the volume.

The liquid waste is usually processed in batches. The process involves using a unique polymer mixing system. Polymer is added to water in a mixing tank and mixed for 20-30 minutes in order to activate the polymer. The solution is then pumped into the sludge stream in a static mixer while traveling toward the dewatering container. Agitation in the static mixer allows the polymer to bond with the solids and create clumped together solid formations that are now suspended in clear water. The container will have a filtering system in place to catch these solids while permitting the water to pass on through to a holding area. Initially, the flow of water will be fast but will slow over time as the “cake” of solids starts to accumulate. Once the solids area is full, the sludge pump is turned off and the remaining water is left to drain. This system assists in both more water being removed as well as leaving less waste to be disposed of.

Once the process is complete, the dewatering container can be picked up and removed from the site. Solids will be delivered to the proper location and water returned to the sewer system for processing.