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What Will Your Personal Injury Attorney Do For You?

Many people suffer under the illusion that if they are involved in an accident and they hire a personal injury attorney in Miami that they will have to go to court. Of course there are no guarantees but there is a very good possibility that you case will end up being settled out of court, this saves everyone the stress and expense of a court appearance. It must be understood however that it would be inappropriate to try and predict what will happen because in many cases there is a great deal of time and detail involved which makes any forecast of the outcome unreliable. One thing is for sure though; your personal injury attorney in Miami should never commit you to any settlement until such time as you have given your consent.

Settlement negotiations and litigation:

Personal injury cases can be quite complicated and due to the nature of the case you may find that the efforts expended by your attorney to appear to come in fits and starts. You may hear from your lawyer one day and then you may not hear from him again for days on end. This is nothing to be concerned about but you should never hesitate to contact your attorney for a briefing on how the case is proceeding. There are many factors that enter into a case, some of which impact the time it takes to reach any sort of settlement, your attorney will:

  • Do a lot of work in the beginning, obtaining evidence, statements from witnesses, photographs, police reports, etc. All of this is needed to help establish fault and to verify the circumstance that lie behind the accident.
  • The personal injury in Miami cannot act until such time as your doctor has released you from care or that your condition is now stable. At this stage, and not before, the attorney can gather medical reports, hospital and doctor’s bills, lost wage reports and any other documents that can support the claim you are making.
  • It takes time for your attorney to hear back from the insurance company involved. In most cases a number of people are responsible for reviewing the claim before any offer of settlement is made.
  • If the insurance company does not want to settle or make an offer which is totally unacceptable your attorney will now proceed to file a lawsuit in court. Another 30 days will pass before the insurance company has to respond.

All of these things take time but eventually your personal injury attorney in Miami will either settle the case out of court or take the case to litigation on your behalf.

Your personal injury attorney in Miami will tell you in advance not to expect an immediate settlement; cases of this nature can take a considerable amount of time to be settled. If you have situation where you feel a personal injury attorney can help you are invited to contact Business Name.