What is an Ansul System & How Does It Work? Feb05


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What is an Ansul System & How Does It Work?

Various types of ANSUL products and systems are on the market for use with particular types of fires and locations. The question here is, “What is an ANSUL system & how does it work?” The answer is that it is a high-tech method of extinguishing fires. Allow us to explain:


An ANSUL system in similar fashion so far extinguisher removes one of the elements of fire requires in order to burn. The three elements of fire needs to burn are oxygen, fuel, and heat. An ANSUL system replaces the oxygen that is feeding the fire roasted reduces the temperature of the burning fuel, which effectively suppresses far. One common fire suppressing material used is carbon dioxide.

Save Lives and Property

Continuing to answer the question, “What is an ANSUL system & how does it work?”, to begin with, saving lives and property is the chief function of an ANSUL system. Many deaths that occurred during fire emergencies may have been prevented by the implementation of a quality firefighting system.


An ANSUL system includes several different components, including alarm system and heat and fire detectors. Notifying occupants of a structure fire emergency is vitally important in order to help save lives. These systems also fluid automatic release apparatus that disperses chemicals to squash the fire before it can expand and cause further injury, death, or property damage.

Type of Systems

Commercial kitchens in particular use class F ANSUL systems that direct fire suppressing chemicals at such items as fry baskets and stoves. There are other types of ANSUL systems used for small businesses that don’t have highly combustible materials, companies that do have combustible materials on their premises, and offices with enclosed areas. The most basic type of ANSUL system is portable fire extinguisher. There are also large scale ANSUL systems used by firefighters on fire trucks for combating large conflagrations.

Preparation and Planning

Hopefully, the above information began to answer the question “What is an ANSUL system & how does it work?” It’s important for employees to be prepared for the possibility of a fire emergency. Planning and preparation is important in the workplace and at home in order to protect human life, as well as property and assets.