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Why Would You Consider A Social Security Attorney?

Social Security in the U.S. is a program that was established as a way to provide monthly payments to those who have reached retirement age as well as those who are not in a position to work due to a disability. A Social Security attorney has in depth knowledge of the complex rules and regulations of the Social Security Administration that apply when making a claim. A Social Security attorney can help individuals who are preparing their claim, but in most cases they are hired to assist those who have been denied disability benefits.

The individual who is applying for social security benefits must be in a position to prove that they are indeed disabled and they are not capable of performing any meaningful work. The SSA, Social Security Administration have a very detailed process that they use when considering their decision to approve or deny the application, these include the applicants pertinent medical records and past work task requirements. The board uses this information to determine if the individual is capable of performing those work duties or not. A Social Security attorney is very knowledgeable when it comes to the documents and other proof that the administration requires and can advise a client on the best way to prove the disability truly exists.

A Social Security attorney is most certainly in a position to help those who are in the process of making an application; however the majority of problems that are encountered come from those who feel they have met all the SSA criteria but their application was denied. In this case Social Security attorneys can request on behalf of a client that the claim be reconsidered or they file a motion for a judicial review of the claim. During the review hearing the lawyer will argue the client’s case, providing proof that that the claimant does indeed have a physical or mental disability.

The administrative judge may turn down the disability claim, if this should happen the attorney can file an appeal. During the appeal process the council will review the findings of the previous panels as well as the claimants supporting documents. This is a closed hearing and neither the claimant nor the claimants Social Security attorney can be present while the council is making its decision. If all these efforts fail the lawyer can file a civil law suit against the SSA, the decision will then be in the hands of the US District Court.

Based on statistics there is a 75 percent chance that an initial claim for Social Security benefits will be denied. If you are one of these people then your chances of subsequent approval will be greatly enhanced if you hire a Social Security lawyer. Go to the Website URL site for more information.