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Should you Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

The US Social Security pays benefits to those that have reached retirement age and those that suffer from a mental or physical disability. Once you reach retirement age it is simple to apply for and be granted retirement benefits that you have contributed toward most of your working life. Unfortunately it is not that simple when filing for disability benefits, it’s akin to going to battle with the entire Social Security Administration. Having an SSD attorney can give a tremendous advantage in the battle you are about to become involved in.

Having a seasoned SSD attorney in your corner can easily be the difference between winning your claim or having it denied at every step of the appeals process. The numbers are quite staggering, some 75 percent of disability claims are denied, with or without an attorney. The difference is during the appeal, those who appeal the decision without a lawyer rarely get the original rejection overturned; those that do hire an SSD attorney are close to 65 percent successful in gaining approval for benefits.

If you do decide to hire an attorney make sure the one you get is well seasoned in Social Security law and handles SS claims as a matter of routine, not as a sideline to the law practice. Aside from this advice there are a couple of other considerations when retaining a disability attorney to assist with your initial claim and to deal with all subsequent appeals.

  • Make sure they work on a contingency basis. An attorney who works on contingency only gets paid in the event he or she is successful in getting your benefits.
  • Ensure that when the claim is eventually won that the regular monthly benefits that you receive are not involved in the payment of the attorney.

The normal compensation for the attorney is one quarter of the back payments that you receive upon approval of your claim and the commencement of benefit payments. Even at that, the legal fees should not exceed $6,000.

Typically a SSD attorney can be a big help when you are preparing the initial application for Social Security Disability benefits and even more so when you are preparing to defend your claim upon appeal when you will be before an administrative judge. A skilled SSD attorney can help you gather all the medical and health records that will be called for during the appeal, the attorney can also expedite your appeal hearing based on dire-need.

The Social Security Disability application and subsequent appeal process is complex and time consuming, you will fare much better if you engage the services of an SSD attorney. You are invited to contact the Business Name For more information visit the site website domain.