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Garbage Removal in Providence, RI

The removal of garbage from homes, businesses including food service businesses, is important in reducing the country’s carbon footprint. This area’s carbon footprint from food waste alone is 6 tons per year for a family of 3. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average adult generates 90,000 pounds of garbage in a lifetime. These are just some of the reasons that Garbage Removal in Providence, RI takes it’s responsibility seriously.

The garbage collection services are provided using the most modern collection techniques with a dedicated, experienced staff. Either 64 gallon or 96 gallon toters are provided for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly waste collection services, and the rates are reasonable and competitive. The pick-up schedules are strictly adhered to because of the need to get garbage to its ultimate destination.

This company provides commercial solid waste containers that range in size from 2 cubic yards to 10 cubic yards, The 96 gal toter is provided for the needs of small businesses. These collections can be scheduled daily. Front load containers are provided for restaurants, hotels and hospitals where the toters will not satisfy the solid waste disposal needs. The collection vehicles are always in direct contact with the dispatch center so that your emergencies can be responded to immediately. The service area includes Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts, and the coverage area includes the cities of Providence, RI, Cape Cod, MA, Fall River, MA and New Bedford, MA among others.

The trucks are the most modern available, and they are cleaned and maintained so that the dependability is guaranteed. The highly trained truck maintenance technicians are always working to keep the vehicles clean and operating at peak performance.

Special solid waste disposal is provided when requested. If a restaurant’s power was off for a number of days and a high volume of cold food must be discarded, the containers can be provided promptly for disposing of this waste. The truck will pick up the waste immediately.

Hotels that host a large event involving food may have more garbage than usual. If a larger container is needed, then it can be delivered promptly and removed promptly.

This company has been dedicated for many years to serving the waste disposal of the customers that depend on the company for good service.

If you need residential garbage removal services in Providence RI, then you can count on Business Name. They can provide you complete garbage removal services according to your needs.