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Factors Affecting The Price Of Your Shipping Cars Quote

When it comes to shipping cars, a quote may vary from company-to-company. However, the specific company is not the only factor in setting the price. That is an oversimplification. A car transport company bases its price on a variety of factors.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Vehicular Transport

When you are considering shipping your vehicle, it is important to realize the cost varies and to understand why. The price a company quotes is not based on a whim. In fact, a number of factors influence how much shipping your vehicle shall cost.

One of the major influences on setting a shipping cars quote is size. The price can change depending upon whether you are shipping a compact or an SUV. Other issues influencing the overall price of shipping are:

  • Location: If the drop off point is in a remote location where little traffic goes, the cost is going to be higher than for leaving it in a busy urban site.
  • Distance: This is obvious. The farther your vehicle has to go, the more it shall cost
  • Fuel: The cost of fuel is always influential in setting a price for car transport
  • Season: Certain shipping periods are more popular than others are. If you want shipment during a peak season, it can cost you more
  • Climate/Weather: This always impacts the cost of auto transport.
  • Type of services: If you opt for open shipping, it is cheaper than enclosed transport. Different prices are also set for door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal types of transport

Prices can also vary when you include any extras.

Shipping Cars Quote

When shipping cars, a quote is the first step in establishing the basic cost of transport. Always be aware of the underlying factors influencing the overall price. This allows you to understand pricing. It can also help you reduce the overall cost by knowing it is better to ship in-season and in favorable weather.