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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Shipping Cars Within The USA

One of the best reasons to hire a professional, experienced and well-known auto transport service is the professional service and support offered before, during and after the vehicle is delivered to your final destination.

These companies have years of experience in shipping cars both nationally as well as internationally, so they provide vehicle owners with upfront information and details about the process and what to expect. They will always follow up and ensure all questions are answered before you hire the service and a contract is signed.

Mistakes can happen when shipping cars, particularly for first-time car owners. Using a top-rated auto transport will greatly reduce the risk of any of these issues occurring.

Packing the Trunk or Backseat

Perhaps the most common mistake made when shipping cars is assuming it is acceptable to pack items in the trunk or in the vehicle itself. Most transport companies will not load vehicles which have other items packed as it increases the risk of damage. Heavy items can also create problems with load weight restrictions for the auto carrier.

Not Checking the Auto Transport Companies Reputation

The single biggest factor in ensuring safe transport of your vehicles is in choosing an auto transport company with a solid reputation for safe, professional services. The overall risk of any type of cosmetic or more significant damage with these types of carriers is as low as 3%, which is a better rate than found with home movers.

In addition, verify the insurance coverage the auto company carriers. While it may never be required, it is always better to be safe and choose the insured company over the uninsured or underinsured carrier.

Failing To Complete Pre-Shipping and Delivery Inspections Carefully

Take the time to complete the pre-shipment and the delivery inspection. Do not sign off on the delivery inspection if you cannot see the vehicle or if there is damage not noted on the form.

Signing off on the delivery and indicating no damage occurred will make it more difficult to file a claim and be compensated through insurance at a later point in time if damage did, in fact, occur.