Make Getting Married in Dominica a Private Affair

Whether you’re getting married for the first time, renewing your vows, or this isn’t your first trip down the aisle – more and more couples are looking to turn their weddings into private affairs rather than big, expensive events. Not everyone likes the attention and spotlight that a wedding can put on an engaged couple. After all, shouldn’t this event be about the two of you? Choosing to plan a destination wedding is a great option if you’re looking to simplify your wedding experience, regardless of situation.

Private, Secluded Venues
When you’re getting married in Dominica or any of the other beautiful Caribbean islands, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful, tropical scenery that makes for an absolutely breath taking backdrop. You and your fiancée will experience a perfectly private ceremony tucked away in floral garden, on a secluded beach, or even alongside a beautiful natural waterfall. You can truly enjoy one another’s company free from distractions and soak in all of the captivating details of the moment you’ve been waiting for. Isn’t that what getting married should be all about? By eliminating the unnecessary extras, you’ll have so much less to think about.

Make a Trip Out of It
If you’re getting married in Dominica via a private ceremony for just you and your fiancée, why not turn your wedding into the trip of a lifetime? Many wedding planning companies include the ceremony arrangements, as well as hotel accommodations and other resort amenities in one simple package deal. You can get married on the weekend and then spend the rest of your time in paradise relaxing and enjoying one another’s company. You’ll already be in paradise, so why not turn your marriage into the cherry on top of your dream vacation? It’s not only a great idea, it can be extremely cost efficient, as well.

Dominica is the Perfect Venue
Of all the islands to choose from, getting married in Dominica is one of the most beautiful choices you could make. If you’re aiming to achieve that private, tropical feel – it doesn’t get much better. There aren’t many large resorts on the island, and this cuts down on the amount of tourists and other distractions you’ll have to deal with. There are so many beautiful natural wonders on the island, as well – ranging from tropical forests to breathtaking mountains. It’s the perfect venue for the wedding of your dreams, and it’s absolutely ideal for those looking to truly get away and escape the everyday.

If you’re interested in getting married in Dominica, Dreamy Weddings and Tours, Inc. will work with you to create the wedding and trip of your dreams!