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A Refrigeration Service in St. Paul, MN That You Can Trust

In the event that we lose one of our kitchen appliances, we can usually find ways around them. For practical purposes, most of them just do things we used to do manually, so no big deal. When a refrigeration unit goes down, however, there is no manual substitute and you need the help of highly-trained refrigeration experts and you need them quickly. Nothing can eat into the bottom line of a business like spoilage. A reliable Refrigeration Service in St. Paul, MN will have assistance available to you around the clock, so you can count on a skilled technician to arrive at your door, equipped with the latest tools and equipment, as well as all of the most common replacement parts for a wide range of brands, and, of course, experience.

Refrigeration systems can be very complex and diagnosing a broken unit calls for training and expertise. Your problem may be caused by a broken compressor unit, damaged cooling coils, or a lack of coolant, due to a leaky connection. Once your technician has determined the cause of the issue, he can explain it to you, as well as how he intends to fix it and can even provide you with an idea about how long it will take and what the cost will be. You’ll be kept in the loop through the entire process.

New or used, whether it’s an ice machine, a refrigerated meat or dairy case, or even a full-blown walk-in freezer or cooler, the professionals from Twin City Mechanical can recommend an appropriate unit for you, save you money on it, and handle the delivery and installation, too.

In the refrigeration business, a reputation can be everything; money can’t buy a good reputation, and once it’s been damaged, it’s tough to rebuild. That’s why this reliable, experienced team will go above and beyond the call to keep you happy and keep your trust.

A full-service Refrigeration Service in St. Paul, MN can serve you in more ways than just repairing your current units; if repairs become too frequent, a trained technician can help you select a replacement unit that can actually save you money.