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How to Find a Good Pet Sitting Service in Manhattan For Your Furry Friend

Finding a good pet sitting service or a qualified sitter can be just as difficult as finding a baby sitter. There are great pet sitters and pet sitting services out there, but in order to find them you are going to have to put a little effort into the hiring process. So where should you start? These tips will help you figure out just what you are looking for from your pet sitting service or pet sitter.

Start with word of mouth. Ask your friends if they are familiar with any of the pet sitting services in your area. If they are not familiar with the services in your area, perhaps they know of a reputable sitter that could suit you. Decide ahead of time if you are going to want in home sitting or on site. Some pets do not require in home sitting. Some pets can be left alone most of the day and be checked on a couple of times a day with no problem. So start by asking around to see if your circle of friends and family are familiar with anyone they would be willing to recommend.

After asking around, create a checklist of requirements that you are looking for from your pet sitting service. Do they need to provide anything like food or toys? Do you want them staying in your home? Perhaps your pet needs frequent medicine. Will the sitter be able to administer the medication on time and appropriately? These are all things to consider before you start looking for potential sitters.

After you have an idea of what you need and are looking for from your pet sitting in Manhattan, then you can start the interview process. If at all possible have potential sitters come out and meet your pet during the interviewing process. The last thing you want is to hire someone who is afraid of your pet, uncomfortable with your pet, or worse neglectful of your pet. This will give you a good feeling about the kind of person you are going to be hiring. Another good reason to have the sitter come out to your home and meet your pet is so that you can find out if your pet like the sitter. The sitter might be great, but if your pet is finicky about who they like and don’t like then your best laid plans might have to be scrapped.

Another aspect of finding a good pet sitting service in Manhattan to consider is the pricing rates. Ask around. See if you can get a better deal or great sitter with a more competitive rate. This is just good practice in your efforts to find a great pet sitting service. Visit NY Tails for more information.

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