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Things To Know To Fix Your Plumbing in McDonough GA

Everyone has plumbing problems at some point or another. It may be a stopped up drain, a leaky faucet, or a toilet that will not stop running. The question is what steps can you take prior to hiring a professional who is licensed in Plumbing McDonough GA?

One of the most important things that you need to know prior to calling a plumber is where to locate the shut off valve in your home. Shutting off the water can keep your house from flooding while you are waiting for the plumber to arrive. Shut the water off immediately. It is an easy thing to do. While emergencies can take place any time of day, or any day of the week, know that Mondays are the busiest day for any service personnel, plumbers included.

You can prevent problems with your Plumbing McDonough GA by knowing what can and cannot be flushed or put down a drain. One of the culprits that cause the most service calls will probably surprise you. Disposable baby wipes are the number one culprit for clogged drains. These do not break down like regular toilet tissue does. They will clog not only your pipes, but will sit in your septic system until they are pumped out. Dispose of these in the trash or place them in your diaper disposal unit.

Liquid drain cleaners can damage your pipes. These are comprised of very caustic chemicals and if the pipes are damaged badly enough, they will have to be replaced. If you have a minor clog and you are trying to save money and unstop your drains yourself, there are tools on the market that will help you to unstop it. Depending on where the clog is, you may still need a professional. Calling a plumber to unclog your pipes is much cheaper than having to call one to replace your pipes.

When you install a new washer, take the initiative to replace the washer hose with one made out of stainless steel. This is the part that wears out and leaks the quickest. Taking this preventative action can save you not only the cost of a plumber in the end but may even save your flooring under and around your washer.

If you have taken all the preventative steps that you can take but still need the services of a great professional plumber, you can find one at hammondservices.com.