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Mixing Modern and Traditional Furniture Designs

There are no rules when you begin mixing furniture designs and styles. You can mix modern furniture designs with any other furniture that you like. Doing so allows you to reflect your personal design style. However, combining traditional furniture designs with modern furniture designs will take a little planning so that it does not look over-the-top. Consider these things, if you are thinking about mixing design styles.

Traditional Design or Modern Design

You will have to figure out which one you like the most, either traditional or modern. This style will likely be the more dominate style, inside your home. Whichever style you choose as your dominate one will be the style of furniture you purchase. Your accent pieces will then be in the other style. This is how you can easily begin to mix design styles. If you have too much of the same, it will make the space look complicated and give it an unusual flow. Make it easier on your eyes by creating a space that is going to be visually attractive, as well as, comfortable. You are able to set the rules by adhering to this simple design strategy. You will also save yourself time and frustration.

Like It or Love It

Now it is time to figure out what it is about a particular piece of furniture that you like. When you see a piece of furniture that you are drawn to, ask yourself, what is it about this particular piece that attracts me? Is it the color, the design, the texture? You will find out that you are likely attracted to most furnishings for the same reason. Once you have figured out why you like these home furnishings, you can seamlessly incorporate the other design style, traditional or modern. This is the fun part. You can play around with them until you find exactly what you like. There’s no hurry. You will be able to settle into a home designed the way that makes you happiest, soon enough. Then all of the work will have been worth the effort. You will finally have something you love.

Make it Fun

Part of the excitement of creating a comfortable and interesting space is playing around with furniture and accent pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Most stores offer a return policy so you don’t have anything to lose. If you second-guess yourself, you may be surprised what you come up with. It is all about making it fun and creating something that you will love.

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