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Meaningful Memorial Services in Woodland, CA

Most of us are unwilling to think of end of life issues until we are forced to deal with the passing of a relative or a friend. The staff at most funeral homes are folks who are caring individuals and can understand the depth of your grief as you must make final arrangements. There are so many decisions that must be made at that time. For example, do you want to have viewing hours and when? You will need to bring in a full change of clothing for the deceased, including shoes. Have there been arrangements made for burial or cremation? If not, then they can be done now.

Where do you want the Memorial Services in Woodland, CA to be held? There are a number of options. The service can be held at the funeral home. If the deceased and/or family members are strongly connected to a church, synagogue or mosque, arrangements can be made for a service there. Finally, there can be a service at the graveside. Many burial sites have a small chapel that can also be used. These are the more traditional places for a final service. In the more contemporary vein, there have been services in restaurants, the person’s home, or other sites of deep meaning to the family of the deceased.

One of the toughest parts of dealing with the arrangements of a Memorial Service is the necessary paperwork. When you come in, you will need to bring in life insurance papers if you can find them. If there is going to be an obituary in the local newspaper, bring all of the biographical information you can find, and have someone check it for accuracy. The family of Brother Bill will be devastated if his name was left off of his sister’s obituary because the children “forgot” about him. Try to find out where the deceased went to school, worked, and what his/her hobbies were.

Bring along your check book because you may have some immediate expenses, like paying for the obituary in the paper. Another detail you will need to know is who will be the officiant at the service. Are you going to contact him/her or would you prefer the funeral home to do it. You will need to have a check for the officiant ready to give to the funeral home and they will present it to the officiant when the funeral concludes.

Whether you’re planning a funeral or a memorial services in Woodland CA, McCune Garden Chapel will assist you in arranging the services that best fit the needs of your family.