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How To Make Veteran Services Memorable

In the event of a loved one’s passing it is truly hard to handle. Death isn’t something we try to think about. When you are faced with dealing with the funeral arrangements you want to give your loved one a wonderful, memorable farewell. You want to honor their life in any way you can. We want to give them the best funeral you can dream of. Often times we tend to express more in their passing than we do while they are alive but at any rate we want the funeral to memorable. This is especially true if your loved one served in the armed forces or on an emergency team.

In talking about the veterans in your life, how can you make their funeral memorable? Veteran services are different than a civilian funeral. Veteran services include two uniformed representatives to be present at the funeral. Veteran services also include taps to be played by a bugler if one is available or by a recorded rendition. There will be a flag draped across the casket then a flag folding ceremony where the folded flag will then be given to the spouse or next of kin. In some cases veteran services will include color guard presence as well as riffle guard giving a gun salute. All of these acts make veteran services unique and memorable. Giving the veteran honor for giving their life to serve our country. If your spouse or family member is a US veteran please make sure you inform your funeral director so that they will contact the veterans honor service and give all services due to your loved one. They deserve the special send off.

In what other ways can we make veteran services unique? One way is to provide the funeral home with a slide show of your veteran’s life, from birth through service till the end. Show the life they loved. Incorporate as many photos as possible from the days of service. Another way is to display memorabilia of their days of service, uniform, utensils, treasured letters from home, photos, they held dear. If you have close friends and family have heard a few war stories, allow them to stand and share with others during the service.

You can also set up a memorial website for your loved one. Be sure to send the information out to friends and service mates to leave comments and farewells. If you have time and want to dive into this, you can make a book to honor their life. Type up a brief description of what information you are wanting from individuals, name, how they knew the loved one, when they met and the most memorable moment or moments they shared with them. Send these out to all you can think of, of some are deceased then see if the next of kin can provide any information. Compile the information you have gathered and make into a book honoring your veteran.

There are so many ways you can make veteran services more memorable. These ideas are only a sounding board for you. Really take some time to remember your loved one, what did they love, what did they talk about, see how you can incorporate these things into a memorial service for you loved one.

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