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All-Natural Tips for Teeth Cleaning in Casa Grande AZ

Keeping your teeth clean and white is a goal for many people. Whiter teeth give you more confidence in your smile and they make your overall appearance look fresh and clean. While you should always go to your dentist for teeth cleaning in Casa Grande AZ, there are some all-natural ways to keep your teeth as white as possible in between visits.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables provide a number of benefits for your body, but did you know they can help you maintain white teeth, too? Some of the crunchier produce that you have in your refrigerator or kitchen has an abrasive quality that will help scrub your teeth as you chew to help get them clean and white. Things like apples, pears, celery and carrots are ideal for keeping your teeth sparkling so you can have a more confident smile.

Although a large number of people ignore the importance of flossing, it’s actually an essential for oral health and white teeth. In between dental visits for teeth cleaning in Casa Grande AZ, flossing your teeth regularly keeps the bacteria and other substances out of your mouth which can cause yellowing or stained teeth. Don’t just tell your dentist that you floss regularly – actually do it and you’ll see a noticeable change in how clean and white your teeth look.

Baking Soda
Did you know that a lot of the toothpaste choices on the market these days have at least a small amount of baking soda as one of the ingredients? That’s because baking soda is a great way to keep your teeth white and healthy. Many people even brush their teeth with baking soda and water for a cleaner smile. This substance that’s in almost every household can help remove the surface stains from your teeth. However, dentists recommend using baking soda sparingly as it can be very abrasive and damage the enamel on your teeth if used in large amounts. If you are going to brush with pure baking soda, only do it occasionally for optimal dental health.

Avoid Coffee, Tea and Cigarettes
Coffee, tea and cigarettes are the three main offenders to white teeth. If you consume one or more of these products on a daily basis, you could be staining your teeth. Over time, they will become yellowed and dingy looking. One thing you can do if you must consume coffee or tea on a daily basis is use a straw. It might look funny, but it will save your teeth from becoming stained. With cigarettes, however, there is no real protection against staining your teeth. The use of this product naturally facilitates stained teeth and as well as other negative health effects.

Schedule an appointment with the Casa Grande dentists for teeth cleaning and whitening in Casa Grande. We have years of experience and we know the best procedures to help achieve a great smile.