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The Benefits of Data Center Infrastructure Management

In today’s complex work environment and world of industrial and/or corporate espionage, it becomes more critical to manage the data that travels between the various departments and companies. With all kinds of malicious spyware, worms and viruses, sensitive data becomes more easily compromised. You need some way of effectively controlling the data. Welcome to the world of DCIM by Raritan. DCIM, that is data center infrastructure management, puts the ability to control efficient data center operation into the hands of data center operators. With DCIM software, information can be connected across data centers, facilities and IT networks to maximize a data center’s full capacity. There are many benefits of using DCIM.

The obvious benefits of using DCIM are time savings, cost savings and increased output of your physical personnel. In other words, you no longer have to have any of your personnel physically on site to identify the data center’s assets and if there are issues such as lack of space availability, lack of power, and a necessity for cooling. Other advantages are real time accurate data at the click of a button is available to data center managers, the reduction of the risks of failures are easily and automatically identified through critical path capacity points, reservations, changes, adds and moves are facilitated, and the output of employees and their morale are greatly increased as the implementation of processes and workflows ensures high changes in quality.

Raritan has been in the business of data centers for over two decades, in fact, they were called data rooms in those days. 20 years of constantly improving and being innovative in the business have caused Raritan products to be used worldwide to control millions of servers at greater than 50,000 data centers throughout. Raritan thrives on understanding the needs of their customers, delivering solutions that are on point, and providing the best support in the industry before, during and after each sale. So, they do more than just create a solution specifically for each customer, they build a network. To get on board with the best possible solution for data center infrastructure management, call upon Raritan by visiting their website, http://www.raritandcim.com/.