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How To Find Broken Links On Your Website

There are many websites that don’t take full advantage of backlinks to or from other websites, sales sites, or to other relevant information. The problem with this is that it can result in glitches and not found page when other website owners move information on their site. This can leave your customers or readers to find broken links when they click, turning them off of both your website and the linked site.

There are two very different ways that a webmaster can find broken links. One is very labor intensive, time consuming and frustrating while the other is streamlined, automatic and basically effort and stress free. Deciding on which option is right for you depends on several key factors and considerations.

The Old School Way

Anyone can find broken links manually. Many small business owners that don’t know their options use this method exclusively or, even worse, they rely on reporting by customers to let them know that links aren’t working on the site. Not only does this look unprofessional but it may result in customers simply leaving your site to find a site more effectively managed and make a purchase there.

To manually find broken links you need to log onto your website when you have time and click on each hyperlink within each page. This is not only time consuming but it is also a chore that often doesn’t get done for weeks or months or ever.

The New School Option

A much more effective option is to simply use software or an app that will find broken links on or to your website. This is an automated system that will check every link, even if you have hundreds of thousands, on a daily basis and provide a report of any links that aren’t working.

By using an app or software to find broken links with a secure password and unique ID you can immediately see the problematic links highlighted and make corrections. You don’t have to check the links that work, the system has already done that for you.

The cost of using a program to find broken links is very minimal if you consider the cost of your time being online and endlessly clicking through links. In addition you don’t even have to go to the site to get a report, generally you just sign up once and then you will receive emails informing you of the state of you website. By using this method you will be maximizing your efficiency, which allows you to spend your time on what needs to be done for your business.

An automatic system to find broken links on your company website is highly efficient and low cost. Visit us online to find the best plan at affordable prices.