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Environmental Monitoring Necessities

A stable environment is critically important for a data center. The presence of so much equipment in one area can make it difficult to keep a steady environment. The use of extensive data center environmental monitoring is what helps make controlling environmental conditions possible. Ambient temperature is an important thing to keep track of in a data center. Humidity is another important factor to consider. Moisture is another thing that can lead to problems in a data center if not monitored. Monitoring environmental conditions can alert IT staff if there are any problems developing that could lead to downtime or server failure. Having a warning of potential problems allows staff to correct problems before they have a chance to develop into larger problems that can lead to equipment failure. This will save money, and improve uptime.

Monitor Temperature

Ambient temperatures that are excessively high or excessively low can lead to problems for server rooms. Manufacturers will recommend an acceptable range of temperatures for the equipment they produce. Room sensors may not be sufficient to monitor the temperatures around servers. The best practice is to have temperature sensors amongst and behind the racks. Monitoring software can then keep track of and record the temperatures. If there are any fluctuations of temperature outside of acceptable ranges, the monitoring software can alert staff to a potential problem before any damage occurs. The temperature data that is recorded can help staff adjust the layout of the racks for better airflow and temperature regulation.

Monitor Humidity

Humidity is the amount of ambient moisture in the air. Having humidity that is too high can lead to equipment not working properly. With very high humidity the moisture can condense onto surfaces and equipment, which can cause any number of problems with electronics. Having humidity that is too low can lead to excessive static electricity. If the ambient air is too dry, the static electricity will continue to build up. This can also lead to many problems with sensitive electronic equipment.

Monitor Water

Although a flood in a data center is not a common problem, if there were to be a flood it would wreak havoc in a data center. Occasionally, air conditioning units can break down and lead to flooding. Another possibility is leaking pipes and plumbing. Water and electronics, of course, do not mix at all. Any data center should be equipped with water leak detectors to detect any leaks and alert staff before they can develop into a huge problem.

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