Criminal Defense Attorney – Hire One Without Delay

Have you been charged with DUI (driving under influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated)? Although, there is little difference between the two, because both mean that you were driving you might have to spend some time in jail if the charge against you is proved. Another common occurrence nowadays is being charged with drug possession. Teenagers and adolescents are falling into this trap and are often found to carry drugs.

It is stupid to even consider fighting a case without consulting a criminal defense attorney. Some people tend to think that hiring an attorney will just mean paying extravagant fees and wastage of time but it is nothing but a misconception. An experienced attorney can help to fight your case and get you cleared of the charge if you have been accused wrongly.

There are various types of crimes that fall under the criminal defense category, but the common ones are:

  1. Drug trafficking – A person who is accused of peddling drugs and also supplying them to others. Shockingly around 17% of the teenagers in the US are involved in the racket.
  2. Domestic Violence – The victim who has suffered abuse at the hands of his/her spouse or family members. The violence can be mental torture too.
  3. Weapons trafficking – As is evident from the name, a person who has been convicted of selling and supplying weapons illegally.
  4. Felony – Murder, rape, robbery, vandalism, and such serious crimes have been categorized under felony. These are crimes of serious nature and the punishment is also more than a DUI.
  5. Assault – A person who has been charged with threatening to physically harm or injure another person. If the latter has been actually harmed, then the charge will be converted to battery.

If a friend or a family member has been arrested on such charges, you should immediately contact a criminal defense attorney (Suffolk County, NY) who can represent your case. You can go online and start searching for law firms in your area. You are sure to come across several names, but don’t just approach a random one without making sure if it is actually any good or not. Always call and meet with the attorney in person so that you can be sure of the fact that hiring him is the best decision and if he is qualified enough to handle your case or not. You will not regret your decision for sure!

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