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All about baseboard heaters for your home

A baseboard heater is an electric heating system used to heat domestic residences and especially rooms that are relatively colder.They are usually placed in a room around the perimeter of the house where the floor and the walls meet. They use electricity or water to function and are said to be the most expensive when operating compared to natural gas, oil, or propane heaters. This article provides information about baseboard heaters as explained in the following paragraphs.

Types of Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters can be categorized into different types which are hydronic, oil filled, and electric.

Hydronic Baseboard Heater

This is a baseboard heater which is heated by the use of water. They are energy efficient and can save up to 70 % of fuel energy compared to those heated by electricity. Energy efficient baseboard heater models have a label of an Energy star and usually come in a compact design and a heavy duty construction. They have large heating features that make them effective in heating. They also have a reservoir with a large diameter to give a enough retention of heat. They are also hardwired for more safety and convenience in low temperature conditions.

Oil Filled Baseboard Heaters

This is an improved version and the electrical features are used to heat the oil inside the heater. The heated oil then heats the air around. This oil does not need to be recharged since it is well sealed inside the system. The advantage of using this type of heater is that it remains warm for long hours even after switching off the thermostat.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

This is one type of electric heating system that is heated by the use of electricity. They are modern models of baseboard heaters that can be hung on a wall. They are thin and can be placed anywhere and preferably in small rooms to produce a natural convention that can blow hot air and circulate it around the room. They are safe and quiet and produce reliable heat for the different rooms if the central heating system is not sufficient.

Installing Baseboard Heaters

It is very simple to install baseboard heaters by the use of wire connectors, wire nuts, a breaker and electrical wires. They come in two different styles of connections including the 240 volt as well as the 120 volt. They are usually installed beneath the windows of a house. The reason is that windows accumulate most of the cool air that settles there to make a cold current. Research shows that, the heater neutralizes heat loss from the outside wall and the cold air that come in through the window. Placing the baseboard heaters slightly 3/4″ above the floor will allow cold air on the floor to flow in the bottom side of the heater. Installation of baseboard heaters heats up the cold air making the room hot.

Advantages of Baseboard Heaters

Despite their high cost of operation, baseboard heaters offer many advantages to homeowners including;

They are cheaper to install and one can have a close observation on the usage of heat all around the house. This helps reduce heating costs and it allows one to regulate temperatures depending on the home areas that are being used. Hydrcomfort is a premier heating supplier who can offer you many options when it comes to heating your home efficiently.

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