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Your Match For a Surrogate in California

We’ve all heard the old cliché, “two ships passing in the night,” meaning a meeting that could have happened but the darkness and the waywardness of the sea prevented the two ships each from ever knowing the other even existed. The same dilemma might, at first glance, seem to be the case when it comes to families who cannot conceive and/or bear children to term seeking someone who can help them attain the dream of a son or daughter. Where are infertile or gay intended parents to go in order to make the miracle of a family be theirs? What ships in the darkness of this night will even know they exist? Fortunately, these families have the ability to find that ship in the night, the ship that is the gift of being a surrogate. California has long cleared up the darkness of this voyage, via its cutting-edge and long-standing tradition of surrogate agencies.

Surrogacy involves a double-edged dilemma, one side of which may be more obvious to the casual observer than is the other side. Intended parents who want to start or add to families of their own but cannot have children can readily reach out to one of California’s world-leading surrogate agencies. But what of those women who know of this need in our state and who ponder the idea of becoming a surrogate in California? The answer is as simple, too, as reaching out to a California surrogate agency.

Both intended parents and potential surrogate mothers in California face a bewildering array of questions that the state’s qualified and reliable surrogate agencies can readily answer. How do I find a surrogate mother right here in California, where I live? How can I explore what it takes to be a surrogate mother and give this gift to a needing family? For both parties, what are the monetary issues? What are the legal concerns? What medical procedures must we undergo? This is a new situation for me; how am I to find proper counseling and guidance through the various emotional and social turns I will need to travel?

Thankfully, both seeking out and becoming a surrogate in California are journeys that have already been made for more than three decades by individuals and couples on both sides of the relationship—loving people who know that they have given and received a tremendous gift, and children, now full-grown, who owe their lives to the efforts of California’s pace-setting and trustworthy surrogate agencies.

So you want to be a surrogate? California is your home. So you want to find a surrogate? California is also your home. Find your surrogate match at a California surrogacy agency.

Surrogate California – The Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. (CPS) is proud to call California its home and to have made our state the world-leader in matching those searching for asurrogate in California with a surrogate mother for more than three decades. The world’s leading matcher of intended parents with surrogate mothers, CSP is ready to take your initial consultation by phone via its offices in Los Angeles (818-788-8288) and San Diego (619-528-2364) (as well as on the East Coast—410-990-9860). Please visit our website at www.creatingfamilies.com.