Why Storage Facilities Need Regular Professional Pest Control in Gig Harbor WA Jan04


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Why Storage Facilities Need Regular Professional Pest Control in Gig Harbor WA

Once insect or rodent pests find their way into a storage facility, the problem is likely to expand dramatically. The critters breed and take up residence in the cozy, sheltered building, happy to nest in units that don’t get much, if any, attention. Professional Pest Control in Gig Harbor WA is important for preventing these infestations and keeping customers happy. No storage tenant remains calm when coming to pick up something one day and discovering waste left by mice or roaches scuttling toward dark corners.

Professional Pest Control in Gig Harbor WA prevents rodents from entering buildings by setting up traps in strategic locations. Building managers tend to be haphazard about where they place traps, which is ineffective at full pest management. Controlling rodent populations requires traps that are set up equally distant from one another and that also are placed in the best areas to attract mice or rats. The right bait is essential as well. To prevent various kinds of insects and other bugs from infiltrating storage units, pest control technicians can spray the perimeter of the entire facility on a regular basis. Both rodents and larger insects can be deterred from entry by sealing up crevices, cracks, and holes. Weather stripping under exterior storage unit doors is another preventive measure.

Mice are notorious for doing damage to various items when they are left to themselves. They chew up fabric, paper and other materials for nesting material. They even damage wiring and ruin electronics. In addition, both mice and certain kinds of bugs spread disease. That’s a main reason belonging kept in storage must avoid contact with those critters. Cockroaches, for example, spread bacteria and parasites because they routinely crawl through decaying organic matter in search of food. Some individuals are allergic to the shed skin and waste material from roaches, so bringing items from storage back into the residence can cause wheezing, sneezing and other symptoms if roaches ever infiltrated the unit. In regard to mice, dry waste from these rodents also causes illness in some individuals. All this can be prevented with regular service from an organization such as Long Pest Control, Inc.