Does Your Dentist Make You Afraid?

Dental fear is a more common problem than people think. A large percentage of adults suffer from what is termed as dental fear or dental anxiety. There may be varying degrees of this fear, but they all have the same effect. People ignore dental problems until it is too late. They visit the dentist only when their toothache gets too painful to bear, and by then the problem has advanced to such as stage that they may lose their tooth forever or even suffer from lifelong damage.

Causes and types of dental fear

The most common fear that is a result of a fear of a visit to the dental clinic is the fear of the unknown. This kind of fear may be a result of having heard stories form other people about bad experiences at the clinic. Not knowing what to expect at the clinic can be a cause of fear for a number of people. This is the least severe kind of fear in such a situation.

Dental fear is more severe. It is usually the result of a personal bad experience. This may have happened wither as a child or even as an adult. The patient may have faced a very painful tooth extraction and is afraid of facing it again. The dentist may not have been very sympathetic to the pain and that may have instilled a fear of dentists in general.

Dental phobia is extremely severe dental fear. For some people a traumatic experience during a dental treatment may have left such an impression that even the sight of a toothpaste ad may cause fear. The patient may feel a lack of control and that may result in the feeling of helplessness. This can also be the result of a traumatic experience.

Even a non-dental bad experience with a doctor or in any clinical setup may have instilled a fear of the medical profession in general. That may cause a particular fear of dentists and dental care.

Treatment of Dental Fear

So how does one visit the dentist when one is afraid of him? You need to find a suitable dentist that can help you get over your phobia. The requirement is for an understanding dentist, who will be sympathetic to your situation. Ask for personal recommendations from friends and family members. There are dentists who also advertise themselves as helping to conquer dental fear.

Let the dentist know about your problem before you visit. Then they will know how to behave when you arrive. What patients trying to deal with dental fear need is a sympathetic dentist who will understand their position and provide them thoughtful care. They need to be able to break down barriers, listen patiently and setting targets to slowly help the patient get over his fear. Then he may prescribe sedation and other behavioral techniques to help the patient.

If you are suffering from dental fear, then make it a point to find a sympathetic dentist. Rancocas has many professionals who help patients that are trying to overcome dental fear. Otherwise, if your fear is not too severe, visit a good dentist and he is likely to put you at your ease and make the process of maintaining your oral hygiene less of an ordeal.

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