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Villa Park Vet Offers State-Of-The Art Surgical Facilities

A Villa Park vet can provide your pet the healthcare expertise, facilities and state-of-the-art techniques needed to get them healthy and happy again. Some smaller veterinarian clinics send their clients to surgical specialists when the need arises. For the ultimate in pet care, choose a hospital that provides an array of services in-house. Not only will your pet be more at ease, so will you. Comprehensive pet care is essential for you and your pet’s happiness. An inter-disciplinary approach to pet care includes dental care, vaccinations, grooming, rehabilitation, and training all help to ensure your pet lives their lives to the fullest.


It is up to you, and your veterinarian, to determine what your pet is feeling. They can’t verbalize their pain or discomfort. Your responsibility is to make the appointment with a highly qualified and compassionate Villa Park vet and carefully communicate your pet’s symptoms and behavioral changes. From there your veterinarian will carefully evaluate your pet, run the appropriate tests, and do their best to diagnosis the problem. A quick and accurate diagnosis will make you and your pet feel better. Animal hospitals with in-house diagnostic and laboratory facilities provide results significantly quicker than veterinarians that must send samples to outside laboratories.


If your beloved pet needs surgery, seek a veterinary hospital that has expertise and state-of-the-art facilities. Like humans, animals can have adverse reactions to some types of anesthetics. Because of that it is vital that the veterinarian staff thoroughly screen all of their patients and their medical history. During surgery and afterwards in recovery, monitoring is important. IVs that provide necessary fluids to your pet, oxygen monitors, blood pressure monitors, and ECGs should be employed for the ultimate in safety. A veterinarian that offers multimodal pain management for your pet will ensure that your pet is comfortable during the procedure.


Sometimes we all need a bit of rehabilitation therapy after an accident, injury, or surgery. Pets are just like us in that regard. A veterinarian that offers rehabilitation plans will often craft a regimen that incorporates supplements, physical therapies, medications, electrical stimulation, and exercise – just like you would get in a similar situation. Rehabilitation will help get your furry friends up and moving again, strengthen their muscles, soft tissue and bones, and relieve pain. Your veterinarian will give you a plan and provide guidance for the time you have at home between rehabilitation appointments.

Diagnostics, surgeries, and rehabilitation services are key to your pet’s health. When you have an ailment, pain, or other symptoms, you are able to communicate them to your doctor. Your pet relies on you and their veterinarian to find the root of their suffering. An animal clinic that has an in-house laboratory can more quickly and efficiently diagnosis your pet’s condition; this can save precious days or even weeks versus waiting for results from an outside laboratory.

Your pet deserves the best possible care; a Villa Park vet can make sure your pet is healthy, strong, and happy.