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Types of Commercial Roofing Material in Northern Virginia

Commercial roofing is costly affair to say the least. Not only companies have to shut down for repairs or installation, they have to incur the heavy costs of a roofing job. As a result, they are in the look out of companies that will help them not only carry out their normal lives, but will charge them properly. Commercial roofing asks for something more than residential roofing. Debris need to be carefully handled and the area must be properly maintained in case of commercial building.

When looking for roofing options for a business, one can choose from the following options –

Asphalt – Shingles reinforced with organic material, fiber glass can last for anything between 20 to 30 years. Laminated shingles made up of asphalt give more options to the business and make the appearance look more expensive. The right kind of shingles can last up to 50 years.

Metal – Metal roofing have been known to last up to half a decade. They range from steel, aluminum, metal tie and copper. Modern metal roofs are much more resistant to natural aging. Also, metal roofs were notorious to bend in case of extreme weather. But a new method of applying a granulated coating has prevented this outcome. Copper roofs can last up to a century.

Wood – A costlier option than the above two varieties, wood shakes are pine, cedar and spruce. They fade away with age and due to exposure to elements. If you are willing to save cost, then this roofing option is not the right one for you as the installation takes 50% more money than other forms of roofing. A 30 year life period can be expected but it all depends on the kind of material and the kind of maintenance you carry out.

Tile – Concrete tiles are known to last more than 50 years if installed properly. They are available in a variety of types. As they are heavy, installation costs hit the roof and clay tiles are even costlier. So, decide accordingly.

Slate – The “heavy weight” in roofing, they are pretty heavy and require careful installation as they are easily breakable. Roofs installed with stale shingles are beautiful to look and will thoroughly invigorate your senses. Some believe they last for over 75 years but the right installation can add another 25 years to it. Costly it is by as much as 400%.

Choose the right company for your roofing needs. In Northern Virginia, commercial roofing companies are aplenty. Choose wisely.

Orndorff & Spaid Inc., provides both residential and commercial roofing materials and services in Northern Virginia. For more information on Northern Virginia commercial roofing or Northern Virginia Roofing, contact Osroofing.com.