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Lifestyle illnesses and how to tackle them

While many diseases have been eradicated across the world, today’s causes of poor health and disease are often ‘lifestyle’ illnesses. From tobacco to lack of exercise or stress-related conditions (including anxiety and depression) many illnesses have their root in the way in which we live in these busy, modern times.

While in most cases we are well aware that our lifestyles are affecting our health, tackling the issues on your own can be hard. It can even create more stress, perpetuating a vicious circle. Doctors can often recommend positive steps to improve our health and wellness such as quitting smoking, taking more exercise or changing your diet. However, they often do so in an environment that offers little support – having no time to help us achieve these steps towards having a better quality of life.

Advice and support

These factors can make the obvious changes in our lives difficult to achieve and finding the motivation, energy and time to develop a healthier lifestyle can be hard if you have to do that on your own with little or no support. This is one reason that many people are turning to health and wellness books and coaches. Like life coaching, health and wellness coaching focuses on achieving goals and also helps you to plan and implement changes in your life. It also involves a strong element of support during the process, which is one of the main reasons that it can be the most successful route to positive change. The underlying reason for the success experienced by those who have used a coach to improve different areas of their life is often the support it offers. Motivation can come and go (falling gym subscriptions in February demonstrate how easy it is to lose motivation!) Indeed, when it comes to sport of any kind, the success of a team often depends on the quality of the team coach. This applies to success when it comes improving your health just as much as it does in the sporting world.

Tailored solutions

Achieving a healthy new lifestyle is not just about support, it’s also about advice -the right advice for you! A coach can help you to develop a personal set of goals depending on your own health and existing lifestyle. Something that may seem simple such as giving up smoking or losing weight can be surprisingly hard to achieve alone and a coach can offer insight not only into why you are finding either task almost impossible to achieve, but also new ways to approach the issue and ways to combat cravings or break poor habits. Whilst time pressures often mean that your GP can only offer a single approach for many people, coaches can help to offer tailored advice, which in turn can have far more effective results.

Business Name is a qualified medical doctor, life coach and author of a number of health and wellness books. Having had his fair share of failures and challenges in life, he shares his own personal experiences with others, teaching them the principles he has used to transform his own life.