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Learn About Emergency Care For Dogs With Your Orange Vet

If you are a dog owner and a resident of Orange in California, talk to your Orange vet about the emergency care requirements for your vet. It is always recommended to prepare for emergency situations in advance. This enables you to not make irrational decisions when a medical emergency befalls.

As a responsible pet owner you need to know the signs to look for, how to handle emergencies and the emergency services that your vet provides.

Talk to your Orange vet about identifying signs for emergency care in your dog

An accident or fall or undetected sickness can very easily result in an emergency condition in your dog. Look for the following signs to make a determination if your dog has suffered any trauma:

  • Breathing and pulse is rapid or weak
  • Signs of bleeding
  • Seizures or loss of consciousness
  • Dog is not able to stand or hold him/herself or looks paralyzed
  • Pale gums or a change in body temperature

If you see the above signs, stay calm and confident and make sure that your dog is not aggressive towards you which is very much possible in these situations. Provide adequate neck and back support if you suspect spinal injuries. Take your dog to the emergency care facility recommended by your Orange Vet.

Talk to your Orange vet about 24-Hour Emergency Care

Understanding your vet’s emergency protocol is extremely important. Ask your vet if the clinic provides 24-hour service or if they have an affiliated emergency clinic in the area. Certain practices could have multiple vets who can be available after hours.

Once you have all the required information and contact details from your Orange vet, keep it in an area that is easily accessible by your family members.

Discuss the emergency protocol with your family including kids so that they can alert you to any abnormal behavior in your dog.

Learn from your Orange vet treatments that you can perform at home

Emergencies require an immediate care from the veterinarian but you can perform certain first-aid treatments to stabilize your pet before taking him/ her to the emergency care.

In the case external bleeding, find the wound position. Elevate it and apply the pressure at the same time to control the bleeding.

Try to remove the object with your fingers in your dog’s mouth if he or she is choking. If that doesn’t work give a sharp rap to the chest to try and dislodge the object.

If your dog loses consciousness even if the choking object is removed a CPR might be necessary. Check his breathing, lay him down on his side and perform artificial respiration. IF you don’t feel a heartbeat, give cardiac massage with the artificial respiration.

Consult one of the most experienced Orange vet at OC Veterinary Medical Center to discuss about your pet’s health.