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Do You need to See a Dentist for Bad Breath?

Bad breath is associated with poor dental health. It affects our social as well as personal life in a big way. We often avoid speaking to people as the bad smell from our mouth annoys the listener. It becomes a matter of embarrassment and we start avoiding public gatherings. There could be several reasons for bad breath and only a dentist can provide a remedy.

Some of the most obvious reasons for bad breath are:

  1. The food that we eat undergoes a long digestion process and releases lot of gases. Certain food items like onion and garlic releases acids that have a foul smell. These acids get absorbed into our blood stream and often release bad odor while inhaling and exhaling.
  1. Another big reason for bad breath is irregular brushing and flossing. Food particles are left in the mouth for long due to improper flossing. Some corners of the mouth are hard to reach and facilitate bacterial growth. Besides that, the temperature within the mouth facilitates decomposing. The rotten food and bacterial decomposition does not help you get rid of bad breath.
  1. Infections and gum diseases are followed by bad breath. Bacterial growth and germs in the teeth often affect the tissues of the gum. It infects the gum and decays the cells, releasing bad odor from the mouth.
  1. Decrease in saliva secretion leaves the mouth dry. A dry mouth is an ideal place for germs and bacteria. Saliva is a natural cleanser of the mouth that protects the teeth from cavity. Lack of saliva secretion is a physiological problem and one needs to consult a general physician first before seeing a dentist.
  1. Smoking is not only the major cause of cancer and other lung infections but is also associated with some other problems. Cigarette smoke releases several chemicals that bring on bad breath. The smoke that passes through the throat, on inhalation, is let out through the mouth and nose.

All these problems can be handled with some effort on one’s part and proper medical guidance. One cannot afford to hide away forever because of bad breath. So the only remedy is to consult a good dentist and identify the root cause of the problem. It can be easily done by experienced dentists. Ocean gate has some really good ones.

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