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Choosing The Right Size For Your Eagan Water Softeners

If you are building a new home, moving into an existing home or suddenly find you have more people living in your current home you may need to consider buying a new water softener. In the areas in and around Eagan, water softeners are essential due to the natural hard water that we have.

About Hard Water

Hard water is full of minerals that, over time, build up in your plumbing system. They can literally fill up an entire hot water tank and they ruin coffee pots and virtually any other device that uses water. In addition in Eagan, water softeners help to prevent that soapy film from remaining on the inside of baths, showers and sinks.

Getting the right size Eagan water softeners for your home is critical. Choosing the most appropriate size for your needs is really a function of the number of people in the house and if you use an average or above average amount of water.

General Sizing Guide for Eagan Water Softeners

A quick guideline for getting the correct size in Eagan water softeners, regardless of the brand or model, just requires a bit of a calculation. The average person uses 75 to 80 gallons of water a day; this includes showering, laundry, cooking and flushing the toilet.

Multiple the number of people, count kids too, and multiple it by 75 or 80, either will be close enough to be accurate. This total is then multiplied by the grain per gallon, which is the hardness measure of your water. There are simple kits you can use that are sold where you buy Eagan water softeners and supplies, and you can get an accurate number.

This number will represent the amount of “hardness” that the system needs to remove before regeneration. You don’t want to have the system regenerating more often than every three to five days.

Talking to a plumber can help you choose water softeners for the areas in and around Eagan. Water softeners that are correctly sized will ensure optimum efficiency and a good supply of soft water.

In and around Eagan, water softeners are a must for homes and commercial buildings. For more information see us at Website Domaim.