Getting to and from JFK

JFK airport is located in Queens, NY, what should be a simple and pleasant 15 mile drive into Manhattan. JFK handles 15 million passengers minimum every year and at times you would think all of them are on the roads and on the subway at the same time. Many passengers complain that they can fly into New York from half way across the country in less time than it takes them to get the last few miles.

Of course there are taxis, shuttle busses, limos and rental cars but these all end up adding to the traffic so there are very few alternatives. There is the subway but if you are lugging baggage this is far from convenient. Although it may appear expensive, taking a helicopter as your means of transport when making a NYC airport transfer or trip into Manhattan is definitely the fastest and most convenient.

Many businessmen equate time with money. A high priced attorney starts the billing clock when he arrives at the airport in say Chicago; he punches out when he returns. If it takes a total of four hours to travel to and from JFK, that is time that he will have to bill the client even though nothing is being accomplished. NYC airport transfer takes no more than 8 to 12 minutes, imagine the savings when you are dealing with a $1,000 an hour lawyer.

Let’s look at the alternatives:

  • Taxi: A taxi will take you into Manhattan for just over $50 plus tolls. There is no additional charge for luggage, when you wish to return to the airport the meter will drop, it is not a fixed price return.
  • Limo: A limo can be pre-arranged before you leave home, this way you will avoid waiting in line for what can seem forever for the next available taxi. The costs vary but the costs can be shared if there are four or more passengers.
  • Rental cars: NYC is not a city that you want to drive in unless you are familiar with the streets and the boroughs. The parking costs in New York City are extremely high and this method of transport is really only an option if your destination is well outside the city.

Consider the cost of your time and consider the convenience, once you have thought it through then you will see the logic in NYC airport transfer.

If you need an NYC airport transfer or a flight into Manhattan then New York Helicopter is an ideal choice. The flight time is short and you can carry 25 pounds of luggage on board.